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Baby Jesus 'detained' in US immigration protest

Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis, Indiana, put the display up on Monday night. Image copyright Facebook

A US church has placed statues of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a cage on its lawn to protest against the Trump administration's immigration policy.

The Episcopalian Christ Church Cathedral in Indiana, Indianapolis, put the display up on Monday night, saying the Biblical family were refugees too.

The church said it was in response to the US justice department's separation of migrant children from their parents.

President Trump signed an order late last month to roll back the policy.

Rev Stephen Carlsen, dean and rector of Christ Church Cathedral, said in a statement: "We will not stand by while children are being taken from their parents and families are being taken from our communities and congregations."

Rev Lee Curtis, who came up with the idea for the demonstration, said the Biblical family were refugees seeking asylum after Jesus' birth.

He told NBC News a number of their congregants were first or second-generation immigrants.

"Families, all families, every family, is holy, and we hope and pray that families who are seeking out a better life for their kids are afforded that opportunity," he said.

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