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Is this the greatest love story ever told on social media?

Couple on plane Image copyright izusek

Once upon a time on a plane to Dallas, Rosey Blair and her boyfriend asked a young woman if she would swap seats so that they could sit together.

When the woman obliged, the two joked that her new seat partner might end up being the love of her life.

As Rosey and her boyfriend made themselves comfortable in the seats directly behind, they witnessed a young man make his way to the vacant seat.

Who was this man, and had Rosey's request to swap seats really triggered a twist of fate that would bring two hearts together? Yes, Rosey had decided, plus it was probably a good way to pass time on the flight.

What unfolded was documented on Rosey's Instagram story and then uploaded as a thread to Twitter.

Littered with emojis and captions her simple but gripping love story, that could be called "Catching Flights And Feelings," captured the hearts of thousands of social media users.

Retweeted more than 238,000 times and liked almost 600,000 times since being posted on 3 July, the tale of two people sitting on a plane together began to gather pace.

Social media users following the developments demanded to know what was going on and Rosey obliged.

"We are all so hooked" wrote one Instagram user. Another tweeted: "I'm so invested in their story right now." While another posted: "Best story reported play by play on twitter ever."

One Twitter user even shared his own aeroplane romance: "In Nov of 2016 I met a girl on a plane. This past Sunday night I asked her to marry me... she said yes."

Plot Twist

So what happened when the plane landed?

Rosey posted that the pair had followed each other on Instagram, were both single and from the same area.

Then in an unexpected plot twist, a public message from the mystery man himself.

"Hilarious, knew you were taking pictures" he posted on Twitter.

Euan Holden a former Stockport county and Bury footballer claims he is the mystery man in Rosey's story. Now known as "plane bae" he told the BBC, "My friend's wife texted me the thread."

So did plane bae catch feelings on this flight?

"A gentleman would never say," said Euan.

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