Cape Cod woman accused of hitting car over Trump sticker

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A pro-Trump bumper sticker is allegedly at the centre of this hit-and-run incident

A Massachusetts woman is facing charges for a hit-and-run after she allegedly drove into a car because it had a pro-Trump bumper sticker, US media say.

Chloe Wright, 25, is accused of screaming at a man and driving into his car twice last month in Barnstable, according to local media.

She pleaded not guilty to the charge of assault with a dangerous weapon on Monday and faces two other charges.

Ms Wright was arrested on Monday and was released on $1,250 (£955) bail.

She also faces vandalism and property damage charges, and was ordered to stay away from the victim, the Cape Cod Times reported.

The incident occurred on 30 June, in the village of Hyannis.

The victim, an unnamed man, told police that the car behind him had started honking at him at a red light, according to a police report viewed by the Times.

The car followed him to another red light, at which point the driver - allegedly Ms Wright - began shouting.

The driver told police he exited his vehicle, thinking there was something wrong with his car that had prompted the honking.

He wrote in a statement that the woman in the car asked him if he voted for Donald Trump.

"I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names," he wrote.

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'It's tough being young and Republican'

At this point, the man began recording the encounter on his phone. The woman then drove at him and hit the open driver's side door.

"She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit. She also hit the side of my car," the man wrote.

The man's girlfriend was in the car with him, the Times said, and also provided a statement confirming the incident.

"The first thing she said when I came out of the car was, 'Did you vote for Trump?' and I was like 'Yeah, what of it,'" the victim told CBS Boston.

"And that was pretty much what triggered this, it was like nonstop."

He told CBS that when she drove into his car door, the tyre of her car just barely missed his foot.

Police were able to trace the registration plate seen on the man's mobile phone video to Ms Wright.

She was taken into custody while driving on Monday after a random licence plate check flagged a warrant for her arrest.

Ms Wright is scheduled to appear in court on 28 Aug for a hearing, the Times reported.

She faces a felony charge of assault, which has a maximum sentence of five years in jail or a $1,000 fine.

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