The strange blue in New York and other mysterious skies.

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image captionThis strange blue sky in New York was actually caused by an explosion at an electrical power station. It caused a power cut and meant some flights were delayed from New York's LaGuardia airport. One scientist believes the reason the sky went blue could be the result of electricity flowing through the oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere.
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image captionThe freaky orange colour of this sky in Sydney, Australia made it look more like the surface of Mars!! It was in fact caused by a large sandstorm after very dry and windy conditions in November 2018. There were worries it could cause health problems and people were told to stay indoors. Everything is back to normal there now. Spooky!
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image captionMeet the mysterious light in the sky called STEVE! Scientists are baffled by the colourful display in Canada. The phenomenon gets its nickname from its full title - Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. It has been appearing in the sky for years, but scientists only started to study it in 2016. No one is sure exactly why the light keeps appearing.
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image captionIn 2018, something very strange happened to the sun viewed from the UK. It was all because of a huge storm at the time called Storm Ophelia. The ex-hurricane dragged air from further south in Europe which brought tropical air and dust from as far south as the Sahara desert! And this strange sky was the result. How weird is that?!

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