Yak loose in Virginia after escaping transport to the butchers

By Dhruti Shah
BBC News

image copyrightOrchard House Bed and Breakfast
image captionThe yak has been spotted in several locations but is currently on the run

A yak is on the loose in the US state of Virginia after escaping from a trailer on its way to the butchers.

Meteor, a three-year-old who belongs to farmer Robert Cissell of Nature's Bridge Farm in Buckingham, Virginia, has been missing since Tuesday.

Mr Cissell told the BBC Meteor had been raised for meat and described the animal as "aloof".

He said if captured the yak would "most likely live out his life here with our breeding herd".

Kevin Wright, an animal control supervisor for Nelson County, said: "It broke through a stop sign and we've been trying to catch it for a while. It's a well-mannered creature and clearly doesn't want to be handled."

He added: "It's no threat to anyone but we are concerned if it gets loose on the highway."

The animal was seen at a bed and breakfast in the county but is believed to have wandered to the mountains.

Deb Verplank, the owner of Orchard House Bed and Breakfast became invested in the story of Meteor after he was spotted in her gardens.

She said: "I didn't even know what a yak was until he turned up. He was just grazing. The farmer has left his trailer here so we are hoping he is found alive."

Posted by Deb Verplank on Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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"I really think Meteor knew what was going on and where he was headed and decided it wasn't for him."

Mr Cissell said if Meteor was returned, he would have to be kept alive now that he was a celebrity.

However, he did add: "As a small family farm, it will be a loss to our family's situation."

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