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    Video caption: Afcon 2021: Five great goals from the group stage

    Watch five great goals from the Africa Cup of Nations group stage.

  2. Ugandan journalist suspended for 'embarassing' the PM

    A journalist at Uganda's state broadcaster has been suspended for reportedly sharing a video of the prime minister almost falling off her chair, local media say:

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    Ivan Kaahwa of UBC TV is accused of being the first to circulate the clip online, along with the caption "eby'okwokgera bimbuze" - meaning "I'm lost for words" in the Luganda language.

    The clip itself, which was not broadcast live on television, shows Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja addressing the camera directly, before losing balance on her chair and chuckling. The clip she eventually shared to her own Twitter page addressed concerned about petrol prices caused by delivery delays - something we've also reported on.

    Another Ugandan broadcaster, Andrew Kyamagero of NTV, has reported that Mr Kaahwa was suspended on the direct order of the prime minister and the entire UBC crew that filmed the clip at her office has been threatened with criminal charges.

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    Video caption: Ghana blast: Many feared dead after huge explosion near Bogoso

    At least 13 people have been killed in huge explosion in the town of Bogoso, south-western Ghana. Dozens were also injured in the blast.

  4. Lorry drivers stuck in week-long border queue

    Ferdinand Omondi

    BBC News, Nairobi

    Lorries in the queue.

    Tailbacks at least 45km (28 miles) long have built up on a main road in Kenya close to the Ugandan border, where some lorry drivers have been stuck for a week.

    A few days ago, it stretched more that 70km, says the drivers.

    The queues have been caused by Uganda's mandatory Covid testing rules. These have been suspended, but drivers want them to be permanently removed.

    Their argument is that their employers do not pay for Covid testing, which they are then forced to pay for from their wages.

    Meanwhile the long delays are also cutting into their wages.

    Oil prices increased in Uganda as a result of the shortage but they have since started stabilising, with Uganda increasing the numbers of customs officers to speed up clearance at the border.

    Lorries in the queue.
    Lorries in the queue.
    Lorries in the queue.