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    Video caption: Scott Morrison crashes into a boy during football match

    Scott Morrison was playing five-a-side on the campaign trail ahead of Australia's election on Saturday.

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    Video caption: Australian woman kidnapped as a child reunites with rescuer

    Kathy Wrethman is reunited in person with the man who found her over 50 years ago.

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    Video caption: What do Indigenous people want from Australia's election?

    Seven Indigenous people explain their most pressing concerns for Australia's next government.

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    Video caption: Australia election: Welcome to Durack, a seat six times bigger than Britain

    Australians head to the polls on 21 May - and in Durack, it means a massive logistical effort.

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    Video caption: Eurovision: Australia's Sheldon Riley's song details his autistic experience

    Australia's contestant Sheldon Riley will compete in Turin with his powerful song Not The Same.