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Coronavirus: The body collectors of Brazil
Brazil has seen high numbers of coronavirus deaths and ordinary people are trying to help cities cope.

How do Winter Olympians train during a lockdown?

Pete Cooper

BBC News

Many athletes have had to adapt to training in lockdown.

But what if your sport requires specialist equipment and preferably some ice?

Shanwayne Stephens
Getty Images

Jamaican bobsleigh team members Shanwayne Stephens (white T-shirt) and Nimroy Turgott (grey T-shirt), who are based in Peterborough, have had to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic in preparation for the 2022 Winter Oympics in Beijing.

They have been running in a nearby park, dragging weights behind them and using a home-made gym in their back garden.

Nimroy Turgott
Getty Images

And to train for the all important start, Turgott has been pushing a mini...

Shanwayne Stephens (white T-shirt) and Nimroy Turgott (grey T-shirt)
Getty Images

But they haven't been able to improvise any snow or a bobsleigh run.

Coronavirus: How lockdown affected Argentina's livelihoods
The prolonged lockdown in Argentina has brought more misery to a country with a troubled economic past.