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New photos show Hull aviator's US crash landing

Four black and white photos picturing the wreckage of Hull-born aviator Amy Johnson's plane after a crash landing in 1933 have gone on display

The damaged plane
Edna Nichols Jacobsen

Famed pilot Johnson and her husband, Jim Mollison, were flying across the Atlantic Ocean aiming for New York to attempt a world record flight.

However, due to a strong headwind and navigation issues, they landed short of New York, crashing near an airport in Stratford, Connecticut instead on 23 July.

Her aeroplane, named Seafarer, was badly damaged in the crash.

The new photos, donated to Sewerby Hall and Gardens, show the damage the day after the crash.

The pictures will be on display at the hall when it reopens to the public, however they can be viewed now online.

The damaged plane
Edna Nichols Jacobsen