BBC Own It app – notice for children

The BBC is the ‘data controller’ for the app. That means the BBC decides how the app processes your personal data. We’ve got a good reason for processing the data (the law calls it a ‘legitimate interest’), because that needs to happen for you to get the benefits from using the app, and we’ve made sure your rights are protected.

How does the app work?

The special keyboard that you get when you install the app analyses what you type into the phone, and you can record on the app how you’re feeling. Based on that info, the app will show you useful BBC content, tailored to how you’re feeling.

The app will sometimes show you a suggestion, like a link to a CBBC page, or an encouragement to speak to a trusted adult if it seems like you might need a bit of extra help. The aim is to help you get the most out of your time on your phone, make better choices online, and build healthy online habits.

The app might process ‘special category data’, which is personal data the law says is more sensitive so needs more protection. That might happen if you type in info about your health or your religion, for example. That data isn’t shared with the BBC – it stays in the app on your phone (see table below).

Data that stays on the phone

  • Moods you report in the app
  • Diary notes you make in the app
  • Data about your phone use, including things you’ve typed in using the special Own It keyboard
  • The app’s analysis of your activity, including the emotional sentiment of what you’ve typed, takes place within the app on the phone.

How long is this data stored? 

This data is stored on the phone as long as the app is on the phone. This information is used to show patterns of behaviour, so needs to be available long-term. If the app is uninstalled from the phone, all data stored in the app is deleted too. If you want to keep the app installed, there’s a ‘Delete Account’ option in the app settings that will reset the app and delete the data already stored by the app.

Data that leaves the phone

  • Analytics data to show how the app is used. The BBC and the service providers (companies that help us deliver the app) use this data to run and improve the app. You can choose to turn off this reporting at any point, which stops this data leaving the phone. 

How long is this data stored?

This data is stored indefinitely by the BBC, but it’s only linked to an ID generated by the app.

  • IP address is processed to provide you with relevant content and messages 

How long is this data stored?

IP address isn’t stored off the phone once it’s been used to serve content to the app.

Do I need permission for my parent or guardian to use the app?

The Own It app itself doesn’t need permission from a parent or guardian, but if you’re under 13 you’ll need a parent or guardian to download it for you from the Google Play Store or iTunes app store.

Is there an age limit for using the app?

Anyone can use the app, but it’s designed for children aged 8-13 who’ve got their first smartphone. The advice and tips offered could be helpful to any young person.

What happens if the app is deleted?

If you delete the app from the phone, all information stored in the app is permanently deleted along with the app itself.

Where can I find out more about the Own It app?

You can find out more in the Own It App FAQs

Where can I find out more about how the BBC processes personal data in general (not specifically in the Own It app)?

There’s more information here, including the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy

The Privacy and Cookies Policy applies to everything the BBC does with personal data, so if you just want to know how the Own It app uses your data, this Notice (the page you’re reading now!) is the place to start.