Own It's experts and supporters

They write for us, help us to explain things, and contribute to our help and advice pages.

Katie Thistleton

You might know Katie from CBBC HQ. She also presents a radio show where she helps teens and young people cope with difficult health or emotional questions. She is passionate about raising mental health awareness, and is ambassador for the charities YoungMinds and Place2Be.

Prof Emma Bond

Emma Bond has a global reputation for her research on how people - particularly children - use social media and mobile devices. She is the Director of Research at the University of Suffolk, and has recently led a study on how being online impacts primary school-aged children and their families.

Dr Radha

Dr Radha Modgil works as a GP in London, and contributes to shows on TV and radio about health matters - including one with Katie! She also writes magazine articles about health and wellbeing, and campaigns to promote the work of related charities.

Dr Sonia Livingstone OBE

Dr Livingstone is one of the world’s top academics researching digital and online technologies, especially for young people. She is a professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). One of the big things she focuses on is children’s digital rights.

Dr Aaron

Dr Aaron Balick is a psychotherapist, who helps people with their psychological and emotional wellbeing. He also takes part in TV and radio shows, and writes books about mental health. He’s written one about how being on social media can affect your mood and your relationships.

Niel McLean

Whether it’s surfing happily, coding confidently, or even building hardware from scratch - Niel helps kids get skills to make the most of their time with computers and devices. He’s our go-to guy when we need to properly understand how things work – and what to do when they don’t!

Anne-Marie Tomchak

Anne-Marie Tomchak is a leading digital journalist, reporting on the role of technology in the modern world. She has made TV documentaries on artificial intelligence, digital fingerprints and big data.

Prof Andy Phippen

Andy Phippen is Professor of Children and Technology at Plymouth University. He spends a lot of time listening to young people about how online technology affects them, and also telling adults that they need to listen more. He has worked with young young people around safety, privacy, and resilience online. He is also a research advisor to the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Dr Mark R Johnson

Dr Mark R Johnson is a researcher at the University of Alberta, whose work focuses on contemporary video game phenomena such as "Esports", live streaming, loot boxes, and gamification. He is also a regular games blogger, podcaster, and freelance writer, and in his spare time he designs and programs his own video games.