8 ways to spot a 'Sharent'

If the grown-ups in your life exhibit these eight traits, you could be living with a sharent!


They have an amazing ability to take your photo the second you do anything embarrassing


There’s no need to phone your relatives to tell them about anything new that’s happening with you because they’ve definitely already read about it on Facebook.


If they need anything, they’ll send you a message or broadcast it online. This happens even if you’re in the next room (or the same room)!


Their random friends from work know you won a prize at your last sports day, dressed up as a pumpkin last Halloween, and had chicken and chips for dinner last night.


If you get a social media account, they’re your first friend or follow request.


And the first comment on everything you post.


Not that you’d ever need a social media account since they document every second of your life on their own feed anyway.


You know they only do it because they’re proud of you, but really, that pic of you crashed out on the sofa snoring with your mouth open? No need!

While for some proud parents and guardians ‘sharing is caring’, seeing your whole life recorded online can at times get pretty embarrassing or annoying.

If this sort of sharing is getting you down, talk to them.

Tell them what it is about their online habits that you don’t like, and see if you can come to an agreement about what they’re sharing. It’s good to set the ground rules as a family on what is and isn’t okay to put online.