Jamie's online body positivity tips

1. Likes don't actually matter

The people who follow you on Instagram like you for you.

You don't need to be like anyone else because you're you and you're unique - no matter how many likes your photos get.

2. Social media is a highlights reel

No one ever actually uploads the bad photos: they might take loads of photos and only pick the best ones, or they might choose a picture and add loads of effects and filters to it.

It's great to remember this when you're scrolling through your feed.

3. Don't feed the troll

Whether that's a troll in the comments, or in your own head.

All trolls usually want is attention, so the best thing to do is to try and not give them any. Don't respond and if they're online, block them.

It can be more difficult to ignore a troll coming from your own head and that's why you should...

4. Chat to positive people around you

Whether that's a friend or a family member. Talking to someone you trust can help you get out of your head and feel better about yourself.

The comments coming from people closer to you mean way more than a social media troll. 

They can help you realise all the great things about yourself that you should love.


Jamie is making a vow to be more body positive and stop judging himself based on what he sees online. Do you want to join him?

If you're feeling down about your selfie, check out our list of things to think when you look in the mirror.

Team Own It's the Mandeville sisters and Scola are also making this vow, so check out their top tips for body positivity too!

If you are having low feelings that are affecting your day-to-day life, speak to a trusted adult and, if you feel like you need more support, you can find Childline online or you can phone 0800 1111.

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