Kane tackles hate in online gaming

When you're gaming, how much fun are you actually having? It’s not a silly question. Just because we game for fun, it doesn’t mean we always enjoy it, so it’s important to check in with yourself to see what’s happening. If you stop every now and then and ask yourself, “how am I feeling right now?” you might find that you’re actually frustrated, or stressed out, or worried.

Stopping every now and then to ask yourself can make your gaming experience better. If you’re feeling frustrated, give yourself a break, recover, get some air, and come back.

While you want to enjoy yourself, some aspects of gaming may feel not so fun. For example, you might find yourself stuck in a “pack mentality” of other gamers getting aggressive, using scary language, bullying, or just making a bad scene.

It’s up to you to make a decision about whether this particular game is fun, and what you should do if it’s not. Can you help make it a more positive place, or is it better to sit this one out?

The first step is to really recognise and be honest about how it’s making you feel, and the second step is to make a choice. Need a break? Is it a good idea to give this one a miss? Maybe this team has a bad vibe? Be sensible about your gaming. Be honest about how it’s making you feel.

Identifying your feelings and choosing what works will make your gaming experience that much better.

Dr Aaron is one of Own It's experts and supporters. If you’re worried that gaming might be getting the better of you you can check out our advice here. You can also speak to a trusted adult or contact Childline for advice.

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