"A stranger asked me out when I was gaming"

Talk to someone

It’s good that Sadie and her mum Patricia are close, so they can talk about important things together.

In this conversation, Sadie admits that it wasn’t a good idea to join a random group in a game she was playing. Her mum thinks it was silly, because she'd been warned against it. But what happened next still wasn't Sadie's fault.

She ended up talking to a guy she didn’t know, who made an inappropriate request. Fortunately, Sadie knew better, got out of there straight away, and spoke to her mum about it.

Sadie and her mum can both learn from it

Although her mum is upset that Sadie did what she did, she does listen and try to understand.

And although Sadie joined a group she probably shouldn’t have, she handled it well. Maybe she had discussed how to stay safe online before, and remembered what to do.

Now she and her mum can both learn from what happened.

You can have fun online and still be safe, if you're honest with the people close to you about what you’re doing.

If you’re ever in doubt, even if you think you did the wrong thing, remember it's never your fault. 

Talk to an adult you trust who can help. If you don’t want to talk to an adult, you can report it to these organisations that can help. They will not blame you for what has happened.

Dr Aaron is one of Own It's experts and supporters. Parents and carers can find sources of advice here. Sadie and Patricia were recorded as part of the BBC's Listening Project.