"Mum thinks I'm too young for social media"

There's an age limit for a reason

Jack has some pretty good reasons for wanting to put himself "out there" as an artist, but his mum is right to be concerned.

After all, social media sites have rules about how old you have to be, and for most sites, it's 13.

There’s an age limit for good reason. These sites are built with the expectation that you are at least 13, and they may not be an appropriate online space for people younger than that to spend time in.

If you’re under 13 and you’re on these sites, you’re not breaking the law, but you are breaking the terms and conditions of the site, which is not a good way to start your life on social media.

Be clear about what you want from social media

Still, Jack’s heart is in the right place, so what can he do?

There may be other options available beyond Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, which all have a minimum age limit of 13.

It’s great that Jack is so clear about what he wants to get out of social media. There’s no reason why he and his mum can’t do a bit of research to find out the best way to show off his portfolio online.

Whether you are 13 yet or not, it’s a great rule of thumb to have a clear idea about how you’d like to use social media.

Jack has a head start on this, and it would be cool if his mum can support him to find a safe and honest way to get started. Then, once he’s 13, he'll be able to set up new profiles with confidence.

Dr Aaron is one of Own It's experts and supporters. Parents and carers can find sources of advice here. Jack and Christine were recorded as part of the BBC's Listening Project.