Max and Harvey's social rules for parents

Rule 1: Check your settings

When you share pictures on your social media, do you know who can see them? Is it just your friends and family?

And if it’s not are you happy that what you share is okay for strangers to see?

Rule 2: School is not always cool

Yes we look cute on our first day at school but think before making these photos public…

Do you know how easy it is to identify our school by its badge or tie?

Rule 3: Edit your archive

Those baby pictures you posted back in the day were clearly adorable...back then!

When we’re 16 those are the LAST thing we want floating around the internet for anyone to see.

Rule 4: Location, Location, Location

You know when you take a photo on your phone and then you post it complete with the location?

Make sure you’re not automatically telling strangers where we are…

Would you stand with a megaphone and shout ‘my family is in the park right now!’ to strangers?

Rule 5: We learn from you

We learn our good habits from you.

Show us how it’s done and ask us how we feel about you sharing our lives online.