“One person is being picked on.”

Group-chat apps can be a great way to keep in touch with friends. But they aren't so great if one person is being bullied or excluded in the group.

Take it offline and reach out. The person who is receiving the nasty messages will probably be pleased to receive some support from a friend.

Perhaps ask them how they feel about the messages, or how the conversation in the group has affected them? These things are best dealt with face to face, so see if they’re free to talk in real life.

When it comes to the group, there are options to take depending on the situation. You are a bystander - which means that you can use your role within the group to become an upstander and start standing up for your friend. You can be an upstander in many ways, such as talking to the rest of the group offline about what’s happened within the group chat.

Another option is to encourage your friend to tell an adult they trust about what has happened. If that feels too scary for them, you can talk to an adult to help you sort it out with them.

If you’re worried about bullying, you can find more advice for you or your friend from the Anti-Bullying Alliance

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