Have you seen bullying in online gaming?

Whether it’s because you’ve won the game and some other players feel threatened by you, or just because they feel stronger hiding behind an anonymous profile, bullying can occur in many shapes and forms in online gaming. One thing all bullying has in common - it is never acceptable.

Newsround spoke with school pupils who have experienced bullying gaming online. Most of them felt upset at first because playing video games should be about having fun.

Don’t forget that you have the power to stop cyberbullying and the first thing to do is to keep a record of any nasty messages and tell a trusted adult. After that you can report it, most social media platforms and online games have an option to block and report users.

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If you are being bullied, then it's important to speak out. Tell a trusted adult, or if you're unsure who to speak to, then Childline are available to speak any time on 0800 1111.