Vlogging and anxiety

YouTuber Nick tells us how he got over his anxiety of vlogging in public, and learned to tackle his insecurities by always focusing on the positives.

If something is getting you down, check out these tips from Team Own It.

Pause Before You Post

If posting online makes you anxious, maybe it’s time to re-think why you’re posting and who you’re posting for.

Lots of us like to share parts of our lives online with friends. Whether it’s that perfect snap you want to post on Instagram, or a vlog on YouTube like Nick – it’s a quick an easy way to reach out.

While most of the time this works out great, there are times you share something you might later regret or you might even feel anxious about posting in the first place.

When you think or see something you want to get out there fast, you might not always think it through or you might even be overthinking and worrying about posting.

If you want to feel happier about the parts of your life you share online, try these tips to keep your sharing safe and happy.

1. Always pause before you post.

Will you be happy with this post next week, next year? In five years? Take a breath and think it through.

2. Know your audience.

Think about private accounts and if they are public you need to be mentally prepared for potentially negative feedback. Sharing with friends is a safer way to interact online.

3. Road test it.

If in doubt, wait and get a second opinion from a friend or family member before posting.

4. Remember - you are not your post...

...Even if you put a lot of effort into it! Public posts can attract nasty comments – try not to take it personally. There’s life outside your posting!

5. Take a step back

If you find yourself posting too much or if posting is making you anxious, take a step back, have a break and you’ll realise that it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.

Remember, the stuff you post online is just one part of your life, not the whole thing. Check your feelings and make sure it adds value (like fun and happiness) to your life. If it’s worry and anxiety instead, ask yourself - is it really worth it?

For more advice on dealing with social media anxiety, listen to Katie Piper and Nikki Lilly discuss their experiences.

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