When people’s posts are getting you down

Here’s what Dr Aaron says...

When looking at other people’s pictures, it can be easy to think they’re all doing great and you’re the only one that worries about how you look or feel. The thing is, everyone feels like that now and then – you just can’t tell that by only looking at their social media.

People tend to put their best selves forward and often hide all their other insecure parts. This can give the rest of us the impression that we’re the only ones who feel this way. It’s just not true!

It’s also super important to remember that social media platforms like Instagram are about image. Many famous people’s feeds are promotional. This means they get paid for making products look good. Photos can also be messed around with. People can be made slimmer, skin can seem smoother, and body parts can get bigger and smaller! So remember, often you could be comparing yourself to something impossible.

If you find yourself feeling low, talk it over with someone you trust. If that’s a friend, you’re likely to find out that they sometimes feel the same way, which will help you feel like it’s not just happening to you.

Talking to a trusted adult who knows you well can also help. It’s important to speak about the things we feel insecure about to someone who sees us as the great people we are.

In the meantime, how about taking a break from social media or if you don’t want to come off it, you might want to access it less. Check in with how it makes you feel when you do log in. If it feels bad, it makes sense to log in less, doesn’t it?

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