Level up! 5 awesome things you can do with MATHS

1. Coding

Computer code gives computers instructions so they know what to do - as a coder, you translate ideas into a language that machines can understand. And in a world dominated by technology, that skill is pretty powerful! 

There are lots of clubs and places online where you can learn the basics of coding; with a bit of practice, you could be on the path to (digital) world domination!

2. Computer game development

Computer games come in all shapes and sizes, from multiplayers like Fornite, to puzzles, to open world games, to apps like Candy Crush.

As a computer games developer, you would combine digital and coding skills with creativity and imagination to produce amazing new gaming experiences.

Developing a game, you would also be able to team up with artists, designers and musicians.

3. Robotics engineering

A robotics engineer uses their knowledge of mechanics and computer programming to design and create robots.

These robots are used to do things that humans could never do, like go to Mars, crawl into tiny spaces, or even explore the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean!

If you fancy using maths skills to bring your ideas to life and solve some of the world's problems, robotics could be for you.

4. Architecture

Architects design and draw plans for buildings, and maths is vital for getting all the calculations right.

Nowadays architects create virtual models of buildings before they’ve been built - that way they can be as inventive as they want to be whilst still making sure everything will stand up!

Some architects even use virtual reality to show people what their finished buildings will look like.

5. Virtual reality

Virtual reality technology is developing rapidly, and in the future you could be at the forefront of a new kind of digital experience!

VR is used to create immersive game environments - but it's also helpful to train people (like surgeons and pilots) to learn do their jobs without the risk of getting it wrong in the real world.

In a virtual world anything is possible, so once you have the maths skills to get creating the only limit is your imagination!

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