The BBC Own It keyboard and app

The Own It app helps you take control of your online life!

What’s new?

Glad you asked! You wanted new and amazing ways to express yourself online - the Own It keyboard and app gives you the best and coolest tools for chat goals!

Group chat getting dull? get your friends fired up with conversation starters and loads of other fun ways to keep the convo going.

If you’re feeling emosh, tell your mates instantly with our new emoticons

We’ve topped all these new features off with a keyboard you can customise - so go on - express yourself with Own It!

Download from your Apple or GooglePlay store. If you’re under 13, make sure your parent or guardian has given you permission first.

Need more information about the BBC Own It app?

Find out what happens to your personal information when you use the BBC Own It app.

Parents and carers can discover more about the app.

The Own It app comes with a special keyboard. This can be used like any other keyboard, but it also gives you helpful tips and friendly advice as you write!

  • Track how you feel and improve your wellbeing.
  • Packed full of gifs and emojis to help express yourself!
  • Lots of fun quizzes, videos and articles to enjoy.

Best of all, the Own It keyboard and app is personal to you. Everything you type is kept completely private, and never leaves the Own It app on your phone.