Top tips for staying connected

Be creative, together

Help with the cooking, take up baking, have a virtual arts and crafts session, create a shared playlist or make your own music! Share whatever you make with friends and family via video chat, take a photo or record a video for them to watch later!

Video chats or phone calls

Don’t forget to check in with your mates and your family too! Tell them about what you’ve done today and share what you’ve got planned for the week ahead. It’s a simple way to feel connected and remain in the loop with those in your life.

Book / homework club

A great way to share an activity with a friend and take a screen break is reading the same book and discussing it at the end of the week. You could do weekly catch ups with your school pals and share what you’ve been working on or reading so you don’t fall behind and can be there for one another. Make sure to share your progress as you go along!

Exercise together, from afar

Online exercise classes are easy to access and follow. If you want to exercise alongside a friend or family member you could take up yoga or do a short home workout video at the same time, making fitness fun and a shared activity!

Film or games night!

Put on your favourite film, dust off an old board game or connect virtually with a video game. It’s a fun and interactive way to stay connected and gather with family or friends from a distance.