Fed up with photo filters?

1. Find good lighting

Always think about the light and where it is. Make sure you have any light (i.e the sun or a window) in front of you if you are having your picture taken.

So for a brilliant selfie make sure the light is behind the phone or camera and if you’re taking a photo of other people make sure the light is behind you. 

2. Consider your background

Think about your background-what's in the back of shot?

Make sure it’s not too cluttered and that nothing is sticking out of the back of anyone's head. Polly has a photo of her dad that they took in the desert and there was a cactus behind him, so in the photo it looks like it's sticking out of his head ... and he looks like an alien!

3. Be yourself

Be yourself and find your own style! It’s okay to look to others for inspiration but being original is always best. Do what makes you happy!

4. Go with your gut

Go with your gut. Usually if it feels good, it will look good. Fake photos where everything is staged never have the same energy as real life, fun photos.

5. Smile and have fun

SMILE, be happy and have fun! If you're smiling in a photo that's pretty much all that people see. 

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