Four types of phone fanatic

1. The Notification Novice

You’re an easy one to spot! Your phone is constantly dinging with alerts about new episodes of shows you don’t want, emails you’ll never read, and reminders about games you forgot you’d played.

It feels good to be in the loop, but do you really need alerts from every app you have?

The Cure: find out how to manage your notifications here.

2. The Serious Scroller

When it comes to phone time, you’re the one telling yourself you’ll “only be ten minutes”, and then end up still scrolling three hours later.

You lose track of time so easily that you’re late for everything. In fact, sometimes you only know you’re supposed to be somewhere when someone interrupts your scrolling with a message asking where you are!

The Cure: Set a timer. Try setting an alarm on your phone for 10 or 15 minutes before you start, decide how much time you want to spend in front of the screen. Then stick to it!

3. The Selfie Star

As far as you’re concerned, if there’s not photo evidence with you in it, then it didn’t happen. Your front camera is so active it could compete in the Olympics. People will eventually be able to make a second-by-second time-lapse movie of your life just from all your selfie action.

While it’s tempting to capture every second to look at later, not every moment in life should be spent camera-ready.

The Cure: If you’re that keen to see what you look like, why not look in the mirror? (plus they’re always #nofilter).

4. The Toilet Texter

In bed, at school, in the cinema, on the bus, there really is nowhere you won’t use your phone. You even check your phone on the loo! Which is really gross btw.

Your phone is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. (Please note: using the phone in the loo is really really gross. Have we mentioned that?)

The Cure: Make a list of no-phone zones and get your family and friends to help you stick to them. But most important - make the bathroom a no-phone zone!

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