How to turn off notifications

Check out this guide on how to manage alerts on Android and Apple devices, so you can pick and choose when to be notified.

Do Not Disturb: iOS (Apple)

To turn off all your notifications during important times of the day, use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function.

This keeps your phone from vibrating or lighting up when you’re focusing on something else.

In an Apple phone or tablet, go into Settings, and select ‘Do Not Disturb’ from the main panel.

Or you can do it quickly from the Command Centre by swiping up.

Do Not Disturb: Android

For Android devices swipe down into the ‘Quick Settings’ option on your main screen and select ‘Do Not Disturb.’

Picking and choosing your alerts: iOS (Apple)

In the Settings of your phone or tablet, you can decide which notifications you want to keep and which you can do without.

For Apple phones or tablets, click on your Settings and scroll down until you see the option for each of your apps. Click on each of the apps you’d like to turn off notifications and untick ‘allow notifications’.

Picking and choosing your alerts: Android

If your tablet or phone is Android, go into your Settings and click on Notifications. Select the apps you don’t want to bother you with alerts and click to switch on the ‘Block all’ feature.

You’ll still be able to see new notifications when you click on these apps, but these steps mean you have the control of what turns up on your home screen during the day. 

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