Are your parents savvy at social media?

Sometimes parents are not as social media savvy as you, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t know better! Here are some ways you can improve your shared understanding of social media life.

Show them

Although it’s important you keep your online space private, it’s a good thing to get your parents involved in the things you do and use online. Show them how the platforms work and some of the posts you are proud of. You may find that you put your parents' minds at ease when it comes to what you get up to online. And if there’s something you don’t want to show them, are you sure you should have posted it in the first place?

Listen to their advice

Like Scola says, it can be helpful to have your parents guiding you on social media. They can help you realise the consequences of posting a certain photo or video that ultimately could save you a lot of trouble!

Set boundaries

If your parents are on social media, make sure they stick to some rules too. If you don’t feel comfortable with a picture they’ve posted, just tell them. Remind them that it’s not okay to share pictures of you in your school uniform or geolocating posts that give away your location when you're trying to keep some privacy.