Kenya Elections: ' I no Use any Money Win' - Mwirigi

John Mwirigi
Image example Before im win, John Mwirigi na student wey dey work as boda boda (motorcycle) rider sometimes; e dey here with im Grandmama.

Twenty-three-year-old John Mwirigi wey just become youngest lawmaker for Kenya say the way im win election na lesson to young people.

Mwirigi say nobody need big money for inside bank, to enter political office.

Im tell BBC say e no use one single coin, not to talk of heavy money take buy people vote. "My joy na say the people for my constituency don see say even young people sabi be leaders. Everything wey I need for this election, come from the people here," Mwirigi talk.

The 23-year-old university student win im parliamentary seat as independent candidate wey dey represent Igembe South, inside Meru County for Eastern Kenya.

Image example Mwirigi Mama follow am celebrate im election victory; she carry mlk give am, as part of their culture

'Now, young people no go dey fear'

As im family join am to celebrate, Mwirigi Mama give am milk to drink. This na their local tradition wey dey show say person don progress from one stage of life to another one. As e be, Mwirigi don move from ordinary citizen, to member of parliament wey go dey make law for im people.

Many people say one of the reason why Mwirigi win be say e no wear expensive cloth everywhere, and e even use motorcycle take dey waka about, as e dey do campaign.

Mwirigi say e do all this one because e wan change the way people dey practice politics for im country.

"The way I win, na encouragement to other young people. Now I know say young people go follow my footstep; now dem no go fear, when dem dey try to enter any political office inside Kenya."

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