How ruling party win Angola election

Di People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola) presidential candidate Joao Lourenco dey show im ink finger after im votie inside Luanda for August 23, 2017 when di general election hold.
Wetin we call dis foto,

MPLA Presidential Candidate, Joao Lourenco, wey dos Santos dey back, fit be di new President

Di Angolan electoral commission don say results of di parliamentary election don show say di ruling MPLA (People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola) party don win.

Di electoral bodi talk say di MPLA don win nearly 2/3rd of di vote wey dem don count.

Di election commission add say main opposition party wey bi UNITA, get like twenty-five percent of di vote.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Ruling party don win 2/3rd of the result so far

As e bi so, di former defence minister, Joao Lourenco, wey be di person wey President Jose Eduardo dos Santos choose, fit be di next president.

Wetin we call dis foto,

People say dos Santos go still dey in charge

President dos Santos don dey rule Angola since 1979. E come choose im defence minister as di person wey go enter di office after im don comot. Lourenco contest do election against Isaias Samakuva wey be di leader of opposition party, UNITA wey don dey oppose MPLA since di Angola civil war end for 2002.