Kenya: Opposition dey celebrate court ruling

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Opposition supporters for Kenya dey jubilate court decision

After di Supreme Court for Kenya talk say di election wey President Uhuru Kenyatta win no dey valid, opposition people don dey celebrate.

Dis one dey happen even as President Kenyatta don talk say im no agree with di court ruling but im go respect am. Di President come tell im supporters say make dem no cause trouble but make dem dey uphold peace.

Na opposition leader, Raila Odinga, and im party, NASA, na dem carry di matter go court.

Di court give judgment dis morning say di presidential election wey President Kenyatta win dey "invalid, null and void"

Dem say e be like say plenty mago-mago dey for inside di election wey di Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, IEBC, do.

Odinga say some people wey no suppose to, don put hand inside IEBC computer to tamper with result.

Na seven judges for di Supreme Court suppose deliver di judgement but one of dem no come court say im no well.

Opposition supporters for Kisumu town sharperly start to celebrate as di court announce im decision.

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Image example Odinga say di court decision dey historic

Wetin go happen now?

Di court decision mean say di electoral commission must to do another presidential election in sixty days time.

Dis na di first time wey court go cancel Presidential election for Africa. Di oda times wey dem cancel election na for Nigeria and Algeria, but na di military cancel am, no be judge.

Mr. Odinga say na historic day for Kenya people and for Africans.

Im also say make dem investigate IEBC members, say im no trust dem at all.

For di oda side, lawyer for President Kenyatta say di way supreme court take cancel di election dey 'political' but, dem go still follow di decision.

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