Indian Flood: 'Na rat cause am' - Minister

Flood water don cover the villagers house Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Indian villagers dey try pack di few things wen dem fit carry as flood water don cover their house for Kishanganj village, inside Bihar state

Water resources minister, Rajiv Ranjan, don say na rats im blame for di flooding wey kill more than 500 people, come pursue another 12 million people comot house for im State of Bihar, India.

Mr Ranjan say di rat dig hole put for inside the barriers wen dem use take block water; na dis one come make di barriers weak well-well sotay flood water pass through, begin cause palava for di people.

Dis flood na part of wetin some countries for South Asia dey face, as heavy rain don bring flooding since two weeks wey affect India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

But na dis weekend di Indian minister Ranjan tell local media say wetin make plenty-plenty rat dey come the flood protection embankment, na di food wey di villagers wen dey stay near the area dey store.

Im word don bring palava.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di minister say rats movement weaken di barriers wey suppose block water

The opposition members don criticise di minister; dem say na di government no prepare well to face dis problem of flooding wen dey happen every year.

Sabi people wey be experts talk say dis year flood, wey di monsoon rains contribute to, make dem worry well-well because na di worst wey don happen for more than ten years.

Campaigners dey accuse di government say dem nor think of proper drainage and gutter wey water go pass through, before dem go build roads and other things anyhow.

Benue Flood: 100,000 dey homeless

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Monsoon flooding don make plenty people no get house to stay for Kishanganj village, inside Bihar State

Di monsoon season dey start for June and dey end for September; tori be say e dey cause plenty flood across di South Asia region every year.

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