Italy dey investigate how malaria kill girl

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Government lawyers don start to investigate how one four-year-old girl take die of malaria for Italy.

Di matter still dey surprise people for Italy as di girl, Sofia Zago, never travel go country wey malaria dey before so how come she come get malaria.

Malaria no dey for Italy and Europe in general but di girl catch di disease when she go hospital to treat diabetes for Trentino region.

Di Santa Chiara hospital where she go dey also treat one family wey catch malaria after dem go Burkina Faso come back.

Sabi people dey wonder whether na mosquito bite di family, come bite di small girl or, whether hospital people use di same needle chook di family come chook di girl join.

Dr Claudio Paternoster, wey be specialist for infectious diseases for di hospital say "Na di first time in thirty years since when I dey work wey I see malaria comot from Trentino".

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Di hospital don talk say dem no dey use one needle for two people, say di needle wey dem dey use dem dey troway am sharperly.

But di girl, Sofia, dey suffer di same kain malaria wey di family dey suffer.

Di hospital first think say na pharyngitis dey worry Sofia before dem come find say na malaria. Dem quickly carry am enter intensive care unit but she die early Monday morning.

According to di World Health Organization, 212 million cases of malaria dey all over di world in 2015 and na 429,000 people don die.

Ninety percent of malaria cases and deaths dey happen for Africa and na children wey never reach five years dey suffer pass.

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