Somalia: Al-Shabab militants don attack military base

Al Shabab soldiers Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Former al-Shabab soldiers don dey surrender small-small, but di group still dey attack from time to time

Al-Shabab militants for Somalia don take mouth announce say dem don kill 17 soldiers for their latest attack on top one military base outside di capital wey be Mogadishu.

Area people say dem hear gun shots and different explosions, but local officials never talk whether people die, or injure, and how many dem be.

BBC tori person Tomi Oladipo report say di jihadist group strike very early on 29 September for di town of Barire - wey dey about 50 kilometres from Mogadishu.

Dem first dey use suicide car bombs, before dem follow dis one with gunmen wey dey fire-fire anyhow.

Dis na something wey al-Shabab bin don dey use for attacks on top military dem area before. Di group claim say dem don take over di base wey belong to di Somali army, and dem even seize some military motors dem.

Dis attack happen just hours after African Union their soldiers comot from di area.

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Di Somali National Army don dey work with regional forces to stop di way al-Shabab don hold di country for neck.

Di US dey also increase their work for Somalia - dem don do at least 13 airstrikes over di past four months.

But di level of security for ground still det as e be. On 27 September na im car bomb kill at least seven people, still wound dozens of others outside one restaurant for Mogadishu.

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