Liberia Elections: Who go be di next president?

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Image example More than 2 million people go vote for elections on Tuesday for Liberia

Dis go be the third election since di end of di civil war for 2003 and di first time since 1944 when leader wey dem elect through democracy go hand over give another person wey dem elect democratically too for di country.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, di first female president for Africa dey step down after she don serve six terms.

Things don improve for Liberia since 2005 when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf enter office.

But things still dey wey di people talk say government need to address.

Di people wey dey contest dey carry di issue for di rallies wey dem dey do.

Wetin be di issues?

People for Liberia talk say although dem dey grateful for di peace wey Johnson-Sirleaf administration bring, but dem want more.

Liberia economy don grow, di GDP reach $2.1 billion last year, if you compare am to di $550 million wey e be di year Johnson-Sirleaf become president.

But, Liberia still be one of di poorest countries for di world.

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Image example Many people die for Liberia for 14 years of civil war.

Other matter

For infrastructure, di country never fit achieve things like stable electricity supply.

Youth unemployment na issue too.

According to United Nations, young people dey more than 60 percent for di country population, but dia unemployment fit reach like 85%.

Corruption na also another major issue.

Liberia rank 90 out of 176 countries wey dey corrupt, according to di report wey Transparency International do for 2016.

Fourteen years of di civil war wey kill more than one quarter of one million people for Liberia and scatter thousands of others, people still dey feel di pain of di crisis.

Reconcilation na something wey Liberia still dey work on.

Who be di contenders?

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Image example Joseph Boakai na di current vice president of Liberia

Tori be say 2.2 million people for Liberia don register to vote and 20 presidential candidates go compete to win.

Di two major contenders na Joseph Boakai, di current Vice President and football star George Weah who lose to Johnson-Sirleaf for 2005. Im dey represent di opposition Congress for Democratic Change. Weah running mate na Charles Taylor former wife Jewel Howard Taylor.

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Image example George Weah compete against President Johnson-Sirleaf for 2005

Di only female for di race na Macdella Cooper.

She wan focus on di agriculture industry, eco-tourism and di fishery industry to increase their potential.

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