For di first time women go begin enter stadium for Saudi Arabia

Saudi women inside stadium Image copyright AFP
Image example Up till now, na only men fit enter stadiums for Saudi Arabia.

From next year, Saudi Arabia go begin allow women enter stadium to watch sports. Dis go be di first time wey dis kain things dey happen for di Arab country.

Dis na part of di things wey Saudi Arabia dey do to allow women for di country dey enjoy more freedom. For Saudi Arabia, women no too get mouth and dem dey face plenty gender rules.

Families go fit enter stadiums for three cities wey be Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

Sports authority for Saudi Arabia say dem go begin arrange di three stadiums to fit dey ready for di families wey go begin show from 2018.

As part of di things wey go change for di stadium, dem go open restaurants and TV wey dem go dey use dey monitor movement.

Saudi Arabia: Women dey hail as dem comot driving ban

Saudi Arabia: Women enter stadium for di first time

E never too tey when di country comot di ban wey don dey since forever wey no gree allow Saudi women drive.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman wey be di Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia na di main person wey dey ginger all dis new change for Saudi Arabia to make sure say di economy dey beta.

Wetin dis change mean?

Image copyright AFP/Getty
Image example Upon all dis change, Saudi women no fit still waka outside without man.

All dis change wey just dey happen for Saudi Arabia na part of di things wey Prince Mohammed don already arrange wey go bring social and economic change for di country. Prince Mohammed call dis one Vision 2030.

Last month, dem declare say dem go begin allow women drive. Di country don already begin do concerts again and small time, cinema go waka come back.

Prince Mohammed talk say im wan make Saudi Arabia begin dey practise moderate Islam.

Sabi people don warn say dis plan not fit happen without k-leg.

For di first time, after di country allow women make dem follow jollificate for di country National Day wey happen for Riyadh King Fahd Stadium, plenty people complain well well on top social media.

Upon all dis change, women still no get freedom like dat. Saudi women get byforce dress code and dem no fit relate with man wey no be dia family.

If dem wan travel, work or go hospital, dia family member wey be man must follow dem go or write permission form give dem.

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