Lupita Nyong'o dey vex say magazine cut her hair

Lupita Nyong'o Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Ms Nyong'o talk say her hair na part of her native heritage and she no fit accept as dem remove am

Lupita Nyong'o don accuse one UK magazine, Grazia UK say dem comot part of her hair for dia front cover for dia November edition.

She talk say she dey "disappointed" say di magazine change how she dey look to "fit wetin dem feel say beauty be".

Di Queen of Katwe actress post di original picture for Instagram with di picture wey dem put for di front cover of dia magazine wey part of her hair no dey.

Di magazine don come out to say sorry.

But Nyong'o fans don already enter dia Instagram account dey yab dem on top wetin dem do.

For one very long post, she write say "she like her natural heritage even though she grow up to think say na light skin and straight hair fine pass. But now, I know say my dark skin and my hair wey coil dey beautiful too."

Di star for '12 Years a Slave' talk say dem no ask am as dem "comot wetin be my native heritage". And if dem bin ask am she for no gree.

She talk say "To dey di cover of dis magazine, I see am as opportunity to take show other dark, tough hair people, especially our pickin say dem beautiful as dem be."

She come talk about di unconscious way wey dem dey treat black people complexion, hair style and colour.

No be only Ms Nyong'o dey talk di 'no touch my hair campaign' as Solange Knowles bin do her own when Evening Standard comot plenty of di braid wey she bin do for dia cover.

Dem don since talk sorry.

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