Five things wey girl fit buy with di $105m Beyonce hama dis year

Beyonce Image copyright Ana y María Quintana y González/iStock
Image example Beyonce beat Adele and Taylor Swift for di list.

Beyonce hit album and world waka wey she do make her enter Forbes list of di female singer wey hama pass for world dis year 2017.

Di money wey di R&B singer make dis year from di sale of her Lemonade album and her "Formation" concert waka na $105 million.

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Apart from music, Beyonce get other business wey she dey do like her Ivy Park fashion line.

$105 million no be chikini money at all. Person fit crase with joy if dem win dis kain money for lotto.

Dis na 5 things wey any correct girl go fit buy with $105 million:

1. House for Banana Island, Lagos.

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With $105 million, correct girl go fit buy like 2 or 3 bedroom flat for Banana Island, Lagos wey be one of di most expensive estate for West Africa.

2. 350 Hermes Birkin bag

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Dis bag break record last year as di bag wey cost pass after one person buy am for $300,168 as dem dey do auction for Hong Kong. Any girl wey hama dis kain money wey Queen Bey hama dis year go fit buy 350 of dis bag.

3. Private jet

Image copyright Aceebee/iStock

When babe pepper don rest reach Beyonce level, na to buy private jet remain to tell your village people say, "I don arrive."

Di price of private jet dey different but tear-rubber jet like di Gulfstream go cost around $70 million reach $100 million.

4. Diamond ring

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Which correct girl no like diamond ring? Infact with $105 million, babe go buy 10,500 diamond rings as one original diamond ring dey cost around $10,000. She fit even open jewellery shop if she like.

5. Lamborghini Veneno

Image copyright Demian Morys/iStock

Dis list no go dey complete if correct motor no dey inside. Dis motor Lamborghini Veneno nickname na 'poison' and dat na di perfect car for babe wey just hama to pepper her haters dem.

With $105 million, she no go only fit buy one of dis sweet motor but 23 tear rubber Lamborghini Veneno.

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