Uganda wan ban wedding reception

People wey dey enter dem wedding Image copyright Getty Images

People wey dey make law for Uganda wan do law wey go mean say, after you do wedding for church, you go just carry yourself dey go house, no wedding reception.

Di bill wey dem dey call Anti-Luxury Bill go also put eye inside bride price money and wetin dey happen for church.

For instance , churches dey talk say make people wey wan marry pay fee wey reach up to 140 dollars before dem go gree to marry dem.

For Uganda, dem dey add like 10 cows join bride price and na di uncles for di family dey collect am.

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Dis one fit cost reach 280 dollars. Ugandan dey make like 780 dollars per year so dis arrangement dey always get K-leg.

Dis law wey dem dey plan go fit reduce am to five dollars wey go allow say anybody get chance to marry.

But dem never talk wetin di punishment go be for anybody wey disobey di law.

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