World Cancer Day: 28 African countries no get cancer machine - IAEA

Radiotherapy machine Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Uganda don recently get dem own after two years

Di International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) no dey happy say twenty eight countries for Africa no get even one single radiotherapy machine wey dem suppose dey use treat cancer.

Na Yukiya Amano, di oga of IAEA talk dis one for conference wey hold for Austria, to mark World Cancer day for di country.

E say millions of people dey suffer for developing countries because dem no fit get better diagnosis and treatment. Di agency go continue to dey put hand so dat people no go dey die any how on top di disease, na wetin Mr Amano add put.

But e no call di names of countries wey no get cancer machines dem.

Meanwhile, e never tey wey Uganda just replace di only radiotherapy machine wey bin dey di country, after di last one don spoil two years ago.

For world, cancer na one of di biggest causes of death for world, as 14 new cases and eight million deaths dey happen because of am.

Fear dey ground say e possible say for di next 20 years, di number of new cases fit increase by 70 percent.

Every year, people dey mark World Cancer Day so dat dem fit get awareness on top di matter say e fit affect any place for bodi.

Dis year talk full ground on top new nuclear technology wey fit help for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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