Nollywood don release im version of Black Panther, "Wakanda Forever"

Marvel superhero Black Panther Image copyright Marvel

For Nigeria, fim pipo inside Nollywood wey no dey carry last just release dia own version of di ogbonge fim wey never tey wen e come out, Black Panther

Di fim wey be say na Marvel make am just hammer over 1 Billion dollars and dem bin act am for place wey resemble Africa, wey dem dey call Wakanda. Wakanda Forever na di talk wey pipo for Wakanda dey talk to take salute demsef and e don become sign of Black power and solidarity for di world.

Di Wakanda Forever wey Nollywood just release, na for village for inside Nigeria dem act am, for inside di fim dem use traditional tori style with juju and comedi plus fim-trick take show family and generations for African society.

Many pipo don gada dey talk about dis fim for social media and to watch am for youtube, di fim don draw pipo from different part of di world wey go do anything to connect with Africa.

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