Na who dey run di Twitter account for APC?

But di new Twitter account be tear rubber Image copyright Twitter
Image example But di new Twitter account be tear rubber

Di ruling part for Nigeria All Progressives Congress (APC) don deny di Twitter handle (@APCNigeria).

Dia National Publicity Secretary, Bolaji Abdullahi enta Twitter to talk im own say, na "criminal impersonation."

Anoda Twitter handle wey claim say im be di official handle for di party talk say dem go soon drop statement for di mata.

Image copyright @APCNigeria
Image example APC twitter handle as e dey change name

But sometin wey BBC News Pidgin notice be say di new account no dey verified, no get plenty followers.

E claim say February 6, 2013, dem form am but di date Twitter put na April 2018.

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, di twitter handle for All Progressive Congress (APC) for Nigeria @APCNigeria just begin dey sell bitcoin, dem tweet say dem wan begin give Nigeria pipo bitcoin.

Tori be say, e dey look like dem don hack di account dat is anoda person don begin control di account.

Tori pipo di cable bin report say di picture for di account bin even change to anoda person own, but wen we check di account we see say denm don return di APC logo as di picture but e show say dem never fit control di account back.

Na so di picture for di account come dey change from APC own to di one of one man wey im name na Justin Sun

Image copyright @APCNigeria
Image example Na so APC and Justin Sun take dey drag di twitter handle

Wen some Nigeria pipo out of surprise begin wonder and ask question ontop twitter, di person wey dey control di account dey give dem answer too.

Small time we see say some of di tweet begin disapear but we still catch some of dem before e disapear finish.

Image copyright @APCNigeria
Image example Answer wey di account dey give pipo

Another thing we de for inside dis tori