FIFA World Cup 2018: Who invent football red and yellow card - and how im take get di idea?

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Image example Referee Kenneth Aston bin get im idea from traffic light

"As I dey drive for Kensington High Street, di traffic light bin turn red. I come tink am, "yellow na take am easy; red na stop, you don comot."

Na dat time di English referee Kenneth George Aston first tink am to use yellow and red card for football game.

Di kain dangerous attacks wey bin dey happun for beginning of 1960s, bin make am difficult to control di game.

Plenti games bin end for serious fight wey pipo amost kill demsef and di ones wey wound go dey hospital dey provoke.

Di worst of dis kain katakata happun for 1962 World Cup for Chile.

"Battle of Santiago"

For di opening match between Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, players blow dem sef sotey dem break jaw.

Almost di same tin bin happun for match between Germany and Italy,

for Czechoslovakia vs Spain, di goalkeeper become unconscious afta dem kick am for head plus many players seriously injure for di game between Argentina and Bulgaria.

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Image example Dem first use di system of red card for Mexico World Cup for 1970

As if e no bad reach, Chile and Italy meet each oda for match wey history call "Di Battle of Santiago."

Katakata witout control? Na so!

Dem kick, punch and even police land for pitch.

Chile win 2-0 for match wey pipo bin seriously condemn di referee.

Di referee for dat time? Na di same Kenneth Aston. Di whole wahala affect am no be small, na im make am decide to find solution to di problem for di Mexico World Cup for 1970.

"I bin no do referee work, I bin turn overseer for military manoeuvres," im later tok.

Vex for anoda language

Aston stop referee work for 1963, come become member of FIFA's Referee Committee for 1966 (im be dia president from 1970 to 1972).

Na for dis level im gatz deal wit fresh scandal wey happun wen Argentina face England for quarter finals of 1966 World Cup.

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Image example Na police escort German referee Rudolf Kreitleincomot from field for amtch between England and Argentina for 1966

Na escort British police escort di match referee, German Rudolf Kreitlein, comot from pitch afta im remove Argentina captain Antonio Rattin for 36 minute.

Kreitlein bin give England Foul, Rattin protest and dem send am comot.

"Di look for Rattin face bin dey enough to tell me wetin im dey say and wetin im mean," Kreitlein tok.

Di problem be say referee no sabi speak Spanish, and di player kwanu no sabi speak German or English.

Rattin no gree leave pitch, im claim say im bin no understand wetin di referee dey tok.

Dem suspend di game reach 10 minutes until translator come explain to Rattin wetin dey happen, and dat one provoke am no be small.

"Drama wit 22 actors for stage"

Dis days you fit argue say e no necessary to speak di same language before you insult pesin.

And you no need word to understand say referee dey send you comot from field.

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Image example Before di card system come, brutal fight common for match

But wen you dey vex, e beta make di rules dey very clear and di punishment wey referee dey give no go be wit mouth.

Aston, wey bin dey in charge of all referee work dat time, use every tactics wey im bin sabi to calm down di Argentina captain and to make sure say dem no suspend di match.

At dis point, di English man discover say, e dey necessary to find how to prevent fight for field and to punish di ones wey stuborn say dem must fight.

And traffic light give am di ansa.

Image example Aston be presido of FIFA's Referees' Committee from 1970 to 1972 (im dey here wit some BBC pipo)

Kenneth Aston die for October 23, 2001 for 86 years, until im die, im love for football no reduce at all.

"Di game suppose be drama with 22 players on top stage and di referee as director," na so im tok one time.

"Dem no write how e go be, you no know how e go take end, but di idea na to provide enjoyment."

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