Cameroon dey try to delay elections

Paul Biya, presido of Cameroon Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Cameroon president Paul Biya don dey pawa since 1982

Cameroon fit shift im October election go anoda date.

BBC get copy of letter wey President Paul Biya send give leader of di Senate wit request say make dem debate weda dem fit shift di election for one year.

Dis one dey happun one week afta tori say na only 3% of new voters reister since beginning of dis year for Anglophone region of di kontri.

Image example Letter wey president Paul Biya write give leader of senate.

Akere Muna wey be lawyer and challenger of president Biya tell BBC Focus on Africa radio say, di proposal to delay election show say goment "no dey capable" to take mata wey concern common man serious.

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Wetin dey happun for Cameroon?

But Muna say di document na simple letter wey dey ask di president of Senate wetin im tink before di proposal go go parliament.

Im say, according to Cameroon constitution, na only legislative and municipal election dem fit shift date, no be senate or presidential election.

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