Five steps you must take before you buy land

Na true say pipo dey drag land but if you follow di proper way buy land you go enjoy am, your children and dia children children go follow enjoy di land.
Wetin we call dis foto,

Na true say pipo dey drag land but if you follow di proper way buy land you go enjoy am, your children and dia children children go follow enjoy di land.

Wen you don get plenty moni or as we dey tok, "wen you don hammer", no be di time to call agent, go pay bush entry to look land.

Land na one of di most important tins to take moni buy because nobody fit carri am for head run.

As Architect wey don dey waka wit pipo wey dey into buying land and building houses for over 15 years, Patricia Kio don share give BBC Pidgin some of di tins to take shine your eye before you pay for land.

1. Wetin you wan carry di land do

Wetin we call dis foto,

E dey good to find architect make you and am nak tori about how you wan use the land.

E dey very important to take time think about wetin you wan carry di land do. No just go buy land because oda pipo dey buy am.

If you buy like dat you go build wetin oda pipo dey build and last last you fit no dey happy because na follow follow you do.

When you get moni, check yourself and wetin you like, also check wetin pipo need around you.

Wetin you fit help dem do, even if na pure water or garri you decide to produce or supply e go guide you on di place to go buy di land and how di size of di land go dey.

2. Look for professional

Wetin we call dis foto,

Patricia Kio

Many pipo don go school for more than 20 years to learn how to arrange mata wey consign land.

Dis na pipo we dey call professionals for di building industry and construction industry. We get land surveyors and dia work na to survey land.

Di architect go give you idea of di size of land you need. Afta dat, you fit go meet tdi land surveyor well prepared.

Dem go use machines ,some dey like camera, one even get three legs. All dis machines dem na to check di way the land dey.

Dem go give plenti numbers wey oda professionals wey go work on di land go take give you di best solution.

3. Group buying - choose your nebours from beginning.

Wetin we call dis foto,

When you choose your nebors from beginning nobody go surprise you.

Nowadays many pipo dey join moni to buy land. Di good tin for dis arrangement be say una go put heads togeda bring beta ideas.

Patricia say she don see friends wey save money come decide to build plenty houses.

'As una dey build house for family una fit contribute moni build where una go do exercise and arrange where pipo wey go keep di place fine go stay.'

'Di place go sweet una because you don know your nebor from the beginning. '

'E get one man I do house for, di house na four bedroom flat, by di time we don dey finish, one man come open brothel opposite di house. My customer no gree live there again o. Na so we begin change four bedroom to two, two bedroom flats for rent.' Na wetin di architect tok.

So wen you choose your nebors from beginning nobody go surprise you.

4. How di area dey - Nature

Wetin we call dis foto,

Anoda thing to look for di area na social amenities.

E get wetin we dey call topography, dat na how di land siddon or spread.

Some pipo dey wait till dry season before dem sell dia land because water dey full everywhere for raining season.

If pesin bring land wey cheap well well for you during dry season, tell am to wait say you go look am later. If you buy land wey water no dey flow comot, na big wahala be dat because wen time reach to build, materials no go last.

Di land go make you spend moni for wetin you no plan. See as dem spend extra money buy boards to move cement because of water for the picture we just look.

5. Government - Social Amenities

How di road dey? Light dey? What of water? All dis tind follow for wetin pesin need to use land so shine your eye.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Di grass wey block one canal bin dey cause serious flood for Osapa London area for Lagos Island sotay pipo dey fear wen rain fall

Wen you don check all these tins and you like di land very well abeg waka go goment office wey dey into zoning.

Di professionals wey dey zone na Urban and Regional Planners. Dis pipo dey share di land so dat land go dey for evritin wey we need to use am for living beta life.

You go ask dem to check wetin goment tok say dem suppose use di land for. Di name of dis one na charting. Charting go help make you no waste unnecessary time.

Wetin we call dis Video,

You fit buy land from internet?

Many pipo don buy land come find out say goment don say di land na for anoda tin. E get some pipo wey dia land na part of wetin goment dash footballers or part of school and dem no know because dem just buy land build without charting.

E good to buy land. When you buy land you fit keep am till di moni wey dem dey take buy land for di area you buy increase. Sometimes di moni dey reach ten times di moni you take buy am.

Tins wey concern land dey take time as na big investment. If you dey careful you go get boku money for land business.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Na block pipo dey use build many houses nowadays

Patricia Kio na Phd student for Texas A&M University, College Station Texas inside America. She get license to operate as architect inside Nigeria.

She be full member of Nigerian Institute of Architects and Architects' Regitration Council of Nigeria.