How dead cows from Adamawa land Port Harcourt slaughter yet dem butcher, sell am give pipo

Dead cows inside trailer

Tori for Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital for southern Nigeria, na how dead cow meat enta Igwuruta abattoir for Ikwerre local goment.

Di tori don make pipo fear say make dem no buy or eat any cow meat at all.

But di state commissioner for health, Princewill Chike, tell tori pipo say dem dey monitor di situation and dey handle am well, so pipo no need to panic.

Image example Na di motor wey carry di cow land Port Harcourt

Prof. Chike say na 60 cows dem bring come from Mubi for Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria.

But di truck wey dem use transport di cows come spoil for road.

E say di cows die because dem no give dem food and water, plus including too much heat because di truck too tight and dem no fit breathe.

Na so di pipo wey get di cows first sell some of di dead cows for neighbouring Abia State before 36 land for Rivers State.

Professor Chike say wen di abattoir officials for Igwuruta see di condition of di cows say some of dem don die dey smell, dem come alert police and call pipo for ministry of health, ministry of Agriculture and di local goment health authority for Ikwerre LGA.

Dis health pipo, di commissioner say come conduct antemortem and post-mortem for all di cows come collect sample from dem go test come find out say no evidence of animal sickness dey dia body and di ones wey die, die because dem bin dey tired, no disease dey dia body.

Oga Chike come say, "di state ministry of Health and Agriculture and di local goment authority naim supervise di burial of di cows wey die, 14 of dem in number and di oda surviving ones we examine dem well well and no evidence of animal disease dey dia body so di state dey fully protected.

Di Rapid Response Team for Emergencies and Epidemics Dey on ground dey do dia job to monitor tins well well."

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Di fire fit cause power blackout for major places for Port-Harcourt.

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