2019 Elections: Airport Authority dey warn Nigerian politicians to park well

Airport Authority dey warn Nigerian politicians to park well Image copyright Twitter/Laurestar

Airport Authority don warn Nigerian politicians to park well for 2019 election.

Nigeria Airport Authority dey frown face on top how supporters and loyalists of one politicians break enta Sultan Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto on Saturday August 4, 2018.

Di break and entry been happun wen supporters of di politician jump fence of di airport use by force enta di runway to welcome am, according to FAAN

Nigeria Airport Authority dey warn politicians to park well say 'as di 2019 general elections don dey near, di Authority go like to advise di general public, especially politicians and dia supporters to ensure say dem obey all di rules and regulations wey dey airports, as we no go change di rule wey concern security and safety for our airports'.

Although dem no name any politician inside dis mata, BBC Pidgin understand say di only politician wey show for Sokoto wen di complain happun na Senator Aliyu Wamako wey be former govnor of di state wey dey northwest Nigeria.

FAAN say wetin happun for Sokoto na complete disobedience of he security and safety arrangements inside di airport, and dem no happy at all.

However, dem say dia team of aviation security officers don manage arrange di situation aback to normal.

Di airport environment na highly regulated environment wey be say plenti rules dey dia and di Federal Airport Authority want evribodi, weda big or small to see and respect Nigeria airports like dat.

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