Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, oda Ambazonia leaders don land for Kondengui prison awaiting trials

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Ambazonia leaders wake up Friday for Kondengui prison, one week afta Cameroon court reject case to free di Ambazonia leaders.

Cameroon goment transfer Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and odas from State Secretariat for Defence go for Kondengui Central Prison on Thursday, Barrister Christopher Ndong wey be lawyer to di Separatists leaders confam give BBC News Pidgin.

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Image example Since 1 October 2017 wey secessionist group declare freedom from La Republic na im katakata increase for southern Cameroon

Since January 2018 deh arrest de separatist leaders for Nera Hotel for Abuja Nigeria bring dem back for kontri, goment do preliminary investigation for dis taim weh deh bin bi for SED.

Ndong say dia transfer from SED to Kondengui mean say goment go open case against dem. Deh go send de case for State Prosecutor for Military court and den deh go put de crimes dem weh de commit for start preliminary inquiry.

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Ambazonia leaders family mimbas show for court to take eye see

But de lawyers bin file (Habeas Corpus) case make deh free Sisiki and odas say deh arrest dem illegally for Nigeria bring dem for Cameroon. Appeal Court troway de case for dustin for November 15 afta Sisiku and e kombi dem appear for court for de first taim since deh disappear for Nigeria.

De lawyers say deh don file anoda case for Supreme Court and go finish all court for kontri den file de case for international Human Rights Court.

Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe na de leader for Southern Cameroons pipo weh deh wan break from the Republic of Cameroon form dia own kontri weh deh di call'am Ambazonia.

Anglophone crisis start for 2016 wen popi waka for street for condemn marginalisation for Anglophones dem. Authorities catch some pipo put for ngata and na for 2017 weh deh catch de leaders for Southern Cameroons governing council.

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