Friends wey turn di challenge of pissing for bodi to beta business

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Image example Unlike di normal pad, you fit wash Anne and Judith pant use am again.

Two friends Judith and Anne, don turn women feeling of insecurity to beta business wey dey friendly to di environment. Di business name na Giggle Knickers.

Wen Judith Balcazar go do operation to remove lump from her bladder, she no ever expect say wetin she go experience afta di surgery go give her idea for business.

Di operation bin make di muscle for her bladder weak sotay, wen she wan cough or laff, na wit fear say she fit piss for bodi.

but she no dey alone - sabi pipo say one out of everi three women no dey always fit control dia piss.

For kontris wey neva develop for inside Asia and Africa, one of di main main wahala wey dey cause women to piss for bodi na condition wey dem dey call Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF).

VVF na condition wey dey di bladder to discharge piss inside di vagina. Wen e happun, di woman no go fit control how piss dey take comot from her bodi.

According to WHO, more dan two million women dey live wit dis condition witout treatment for sub-sahara Africa and Asia because dem no get beta healthcare system.

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Image example Judith say she bin want product wey feel like say e dey "normal"

Weda na VVF or any oda condition like Judith operation wey make her bladder muscle weak, dis condition get cure somtimes and where cure no dey, dem fit helep di women wit beta management.

But, most of dis cases no dey record becos pipo wey dey suffer from am no dey gree report for hospital sake of fear and shame.

National Health Service (NHS) England don warn say, millions of women dey suffer in silence becos dem dey feel too embarassed to tok about am.

Judith wey be 65 years, na former fashion designer and her friend of 25 years Anne Davidson, wey be retired primary teacher don dey plan say one day dem go start business togeda. But dem no ever expect say na pant dem go produce.

She remember di first time wey she bin dey find wetin she go fit use wedge di piss. "E actually dey very embarrassing to go chemist... to ask where i go fit find dem and dat kain tin, becos i no sure wetin i dey find sef, she tok.

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Image example Anne say dem want make pipo tok about am more like say na normal conversation.

Na inside all dis her waka waka to find wetin she for fit use, na im she remember wetin she bin read somtime ago about how pad and napkin dey spoil environment.

Sabi pipo for environment mata don warn say billions of pads and Napkins dem dey bury inside ground everi year.

She say she try to find alternative but wetin she find fit make pesin "die of embarrassment."

"I bin just want sometin wey look like normal pant so dat if you dey gym, you no go need to remove everitin wey you wear.

Anne bin like her friend idea, and dem two believe say dem get sometin wey customers want but e no dey market, and soon dem begin Giggle Knickers.

Moni na di first tin wey dem bin consider, fisrst dem bin try use online crowdfunding - dis na way to raise moni by collecting small small amount of moni from plenti pipo - but later dem go BBC Dragon Den programme.

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Image example Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha tok about her experience

Di investors bin like dia idea but not enough to give dem di moni wey dem bin need to start. Finally dem get start up loan of £25,000 from goment.

Dia first plan na to produce di pants for UK, but as e go cost dem plenti moni, dem kuku pack go China go produce at cheaper rate so dat everibodi go fit afford to buy am.

Anne say pipo dey accuse companies like dia own say, dem dey take advantage of women palava to make dem buy dia products, instead wey dem go go find helep or try do som kain excersise wey go fit helep dem, but she no gree.

"We no dey try say, "oh, no go find solution, buy our pant instead."

"Wetin we dey tok be say, "No, you suppose go see you doctor.

"But till you fit go, you need somtin wey go helep reduce di embarrassment and dey friendly to di environment pass pad."

"E dey happun to men too, no be only women and instead make we dey shame about am, we suppose dey tok about am."

Wetin be 100 Women?

BBC 100 Women dey name 100 women wey dey influential and dey inspire pipo for different parts of di world and we dey share dia tori.

Dis na ogbonge year for women right all over di world, so for 2018 BBC 100 Women go dey hail women wey dey use dia passion, humiliation and vex dey take cause beta change for world.