Yellow fever vaccine no get overdose - NCDC

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Image example Beginning from April 1, nobodi suppose use di old Yellow card again.

Yellow fever vaccination dey important as e dey helep protect pipo wey dey travel go kontris wey get yellow fever disease. But sabi pipo say once you take di vaccine, e go last you for life and e no get side effect.

Naija pipo enta social media dey para afta Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) announce say from 1st of April "all di old yellow card go dey invalid" and new e-yellow card go comot.

Di one wey worri pipo pass na say dem go need to collect anoda yellow fever vaccine injection to fit get di new e-card and plenty of dis injection fit get side effect wey dem no sabi.

But di National Coordinator/ Chief Executive Officer at Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Chikwe Ihekweazu, say make pipo do worri because di vaccine no go do dem anytin if dem take am more dan once.

Im say, "e dey protect for life. E no go do harm if pesin take an more dan once and e no go add anytin if pesin take am more dan once."

Before before, di advice na say make pipo dey take am once everi 10 years, but three years ago, Ihekweazu say, dem remove dat instruction as sabi pipo see say once pesin take am, e go protect im bodi forever be dat.

From July 11, 2016, World Health Organisation declare say "di certificate for di vaccination of yellow fever na for life."

Yellow fever na dangerous disease wey dey destroy liver and kidney. E dey cause fever plus jaundice and e fit kill. Na mosquito dey carri am.

Most sub-Sahara Africa kontri including Nigeria and Kenya get Yellow Fever and any pesin wey wan travel go any of dis kontris must take di injection.

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